The Y filter is the most common and economical type of filter for permanent fluid or gas applications. Thanks to its compact construction, its light weight and its easy access for rapid cleaning, it is used for many generally standard system applications.
Permanent filter, straight line, suitable for filtering fluids in either the liquid state (water, seawater, petroleum and its derivatives) or the gaseous state (gas, air, chemical products) through a perforated plate filter element placed perpendicular to the direction of flow.
Obtained by casting in sand casts, it is available in all standard materials (Carbon steel WCB Stainless Steel CF8M) and on specific request by the customer in non-standard materials (Duplex S31803, Super Duplex S32750, Inconel, Hastelloy, Cunifer, etc.).
The standard equipment includes a screen suitable for high pressures, which is easy to maintain and replace and capable of filtration of more than 300% of the inlet area.

OPEN AREA RATIO= 100 x Mesh Open Area x Screen Area / Inlet area (The calculations are based on the filtering percentage of the mesh’s surface area only).

Il filtro a Y è la tipologia più comune ed economica di filtro per applicazioni permanenti di fluidi o gas, grazie alla sua costruzione compatta, al basso peso e al facile accesso per una pulizia rapida, viene impiegato per molteplici applicazioni d’impianto solitamente standard.
Filtro permanente in linea, adatto per filtrare fluidi, liquidi (acqua, acqua marina, petrolio e suoi derivati) o gassosi (gas, aria, prodotti chimici) attraverso un elemento filtrante in lamiera forata posto perpendicolare rispetto alla direzione del flusso.
Ricavato da fusione in stampo di sabbia, è disponibile in tutti i materiali standard (Acciaio al carbonio WCB Acciaio Inox CF8M) e su specifica richiesta del cliente in materiali fuori standard, (Duplex S31803, Superduplex S32750, Inconel, Hastelloy, Cunifer, ecc.)
L’equipaggiamento standard prevede un cestello adatto alle alte pressioni, di facile manutenzione e sostituzione, capace di una filtrazione superiore al 300% dell’area in ingresso.

OPEN AREA RATIO = 100 x Mesh Open Area x Screen Area / Inlet area (I calcoli sono basati sulla sola percentuale di superficie filtrante della rete).

from 2” to 24”

from 1/2” to 4” (bronze)

ButtweldBWANSI B16.25
FlangedFLGANSI B16.5

(only bronze)

(only bronze)
ANSI B1.20.1

All of Blu Zac products have been designed to satisfy the requests and specific requirements of the customer, including high pressure applications.
General notes: Standard production filters include: lifting lugs, davit, basket, nuts and bolts, gasket.