Heat exchangers are generally used as fluid coolers/heaters.
The design involves a small amount of helicoidal spiral piping immersed in a small cask filled with of a hot/cold liquid; according to the principle of heat exchange the piping absorbs/releases the temperature of the liquid in which it is immersed, allowing the plant’s technicians to bring the fluid to the required temperature.

Gli scambiatori di calore vengono solitamente utilizzati come refrigeratori/riscaldatori di fluido. Il progetto prevede una piccola tubazione a spirale elicoidale immersa in un barilotto colmo di un liquido caldo/freddo, per il principio dello scambio di calore la tubazione assorbe/rilascia la temperatura del liquido in cui è immerso, permettendo ai tecnici d’impianto di portare il fluido alla temperatura richiesta dal progetto.

from 3/8” to 1”
ButtweldBWANSI B16.25
FlangedFLGANSI B16.5

All of Blu Zac products have been designed to satisfy the requests and specific requirements of the customer, including high pressure applications.
General notes: Standard production filters include: lifting lugs, davit, basket, nuts and bolts, gasket.